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January 01, 2019

Un'Opera al Mese young

Dopo il successo della rassegna Un'opera al Mese i Musei Civici di Mantova presentano Un'opera al mese Young edition. Il progetto ideato da Stefano Benetti, direttore dei musei civici di Mantova e da Alida Irene Ferrari, dirigente scolastica del Liceo d'Arte…

un'opera al mese galleria fotograficaun'opera al amese canale youtube

banner operameseyoungedition

Restoration work on the plaster, decoration, pilasters and columns of the whole of the north aisle and central vault.

Atrium, before the restoration
Atrium, before the restoration
Atrium, before the restoration
Atrium, before the restoration
Atrium, before the restoration
Atrium, before the restoration
Atrium, before the restoration
Atrium, after the restoration
Atrium, before and after the restoration

Work carried out by restorers: Billoni & Negri Restauro, Mantova
Cost: € 13.860,00 – Financing: Municipal Administration
Work carried out
The state of conservation of the plaster in the semi-closed area which greets visitors at the entrance to the Palazzo appeared was in poor condition. The poor state of conservation chiefly concerned the lower zone up to about 1.5 m from the ground. In this part the wall surfaces and preparatory layers, stucco and paint finishes were detached and large areas of material fallen and lost, due mainly to rising damp.
The project involved removal of the surface layers of plaster and inconsistent deposits; fixing of the paint film; thorough review of all the plastering and removal of all crumbling or pulverized areas no longer recoverable due to their poor state of conservation; removal of salt deposit and sulphates carried out in order to stop ongoing damage on the surfaces or levels immediately below them and to prevent further development; reattachment of plaster layers to the wall; consolidation of deep down lesions in the stucco work between the preparatory layers and between these and the wall; stuccoing the lesions and missing surface with natural lime mortar, inert sand and marble dust; retouching pictorial glaze of ceilings and walls with lime, as appropriate (C.P.).